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Heidi Johnson, Realtor, ePro Certified & Notary is Proudly Serving the Houston, Texas Area & the Surrounding Suburbs. Personalized Customer Service for YOU! Call/Text 832-603-9111 or email: Call me now.

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Behind In Your Payments?

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You could be facing Foreclosure!

 Stop it with a Short Sale Listing on your home

 or one of the other ways below.


If you are facing foreclosure, which can be only ONE payment AWAY! It can be a very stressful time.  Emotionally painful and your temper can flair up at the worst times. Financially it can hurt your credit score for many years. You become fearful and just plain embarrassed! Don't let your emotion get the best of you! There are options! You need to find them as quick as possible!









Don't wait!  Lets get you started today!


No one needs to know your stress! I am here to help!


I will go over it in details over the phone.

Give me a call  at 832-603-9111

There is NO obligation. 

Set your appointment today!


If you are out-of-state, that's okay.

We can serve home owners from every state!








Here at Realty Associates, The Woodlands office our goal is to find the solution to help

you the best we can.  If not, we will refer you to someone best suited to your needs!

Call me today to make an appointment to meet! 



26119 I-45 (off the feeder road)

The Woodlands, TX  77380






A simple phone interview personally with me at:  832-603-9111 to see

if I can help you before it's too late.

  1.  No obligation and NO CHARGE! *
  2.  By doing a GOOD JOB and you in turn give me a good referral.
  3.  You WIN by getting answers!


I specialize in selling you home in a timely manner.  If you decided to short sale your home, you pay for NO FEES, the bank (your lender) will pay for the fees at closing. 


If you have equity in the house, it's better to sell it at a reduced price before it goes into a SHORT SALE TYPE OF SALE - you CANNOT  receive ANY equity  at the closing of a SHORT SALE.





The Foreclosure Process In Texas



Homeowners will find themselves in a foreclosure for many different reasons. It is often by a sickness of a spouse, a job lose, too many credit cards, a divorce. The list is long, but, regardless you could be facing a foreclosure at any moment.  The best bet for you is to SELL it quickly.   If you lose your home you will get NO money, Bad Credit - for the next 10 years, and they will evict you on some 1st Tuesday of the month.


The lender has the right to take your house and deprive you of your rights, title, interest in your property.  This is because of a "Due On Sale" clause in your mortgage papers. This means you can be ONE month late and this clause can be in forced! However, the late payments can grow into several if the bank isn't watching your loan closely.



The bank will send you letters (not all are certified) in the mail that you payment(s) are late, then they simply file a "Notice of Default" and then the clock starts ticking.  Eventually, it will go to a "TRUSTEE SALE".  Where the property either goes to the bank or sold to the highest bidder - bank determines this.



Some of your OPTIONS may be:


OPTION ONE this is common! NOT recommended!


Home owners are in denial and pretend nothing is happening, they want to be like the "Jones" and keep buying as if they still had a job, and pay everything on their soon- to -be max credit cards, they think the bank won't take their house away!


HUGE mistake!  Remember, I said "Time is of the essence! " Clock is ticking 24/hours a day! If they continue to do NOTHING a Constable comes on the 1st Tuesday and evicts you! (Literally puts you out on the curb and you can just grab items quickly!)


The foreclosure may stay with you on your credit for least 8-10 years!


Although, foreclosure may be you only hope, if the bank doesn't accept any of the offers written during the short tale process.  Only 1 offer can be look at from the banks perspective.  They don't look at multiple offers.  This is why the process can take a long time. (Long on time - SHORT on money due to the bank).



OPTION TWO - Call your lender and reinstate the loan!


Call your personal friends or relatives and come up with the money and pay the loan to current!

The amount may vary because you will have penalties to pay, including foreclosure  & attorney fees!



OPTION Three - Forebearance Agreement


If you are ONE PAYMENT behind, you should CALL your lender. Try and work things out first! One of the ways a lender can help is a forebearance agreement. 

A lender will voluntarily accepts lower payments that agreed on your first MORTGAGE with them.  This is ONLY A LIMITED TIME. You still will pay the other payments as agreed upon. If you are one day late, your contract in null and void and the lender can foreclosure on you. Make sure you can pay the new mortgage amount agreement!

OPTION 4 - Loan Modification


This is a great process if the lender agrees to it!  The lender will stop the foreclosure proceedings and modify the loan. Longer terms, interest rates changes, or monthly payment amounts. The lender may add back payments to the new loan and reamortize the loan with a slightly higher payment (not as high as your were paying).  ONLY THE ORIGINAL HOLDER OF YOU PAPER (MORTGAGE) can do this. If you loan has been sold multiple times, it may NOT be possible. It doesn't HURT to call and find out!  Again, do NOT be late on your payments or they will foreclose!


Check here if the government can help you!

There are some ramifications that could happen.  - click here to find out.



OPTION 5 - Refinancing


You can in some cases get a loan to cover your penalties, interest and loan and roll into a BIGGER LOAN - You must have decent credit in order to do this.  But, the problem is HIGHER debt.  This may be okay in short term and get you ready to sell your home without the lender taking it in foreclosure. But, I wouldn't try this unless you talked to a CPA and your attorney to make sure this is the best option.  Otherwise, you have a bigger debt than before and it only buying you couple of months if that.



OPTION 6 - Sell Your Home Though a REALTOR - Like me!


 If you are slightly behind on payments and you have some equity in the home, you can sell it in the NORMAL way - a traditional listing. Remember time is your enemy!  As you know, in today's current market it takes up to 3-4 months to sell.  You can reduce it down so it may sell quickly.  This allows you to get as much equity as possible in a timely manner. *  A REALTOR®  has to the tools, knowledge to get the home SOLD as fast as the market will bear.  Just remember that even if it goes "Under Contract" it takes at least 15 days to close (cash deal) and up to another 45+ days if the Buyers is getting financing. If there are any problems (chain of title, 2nd liens, HOA back dues, taxes, home inspection problems it will delay the closing.  Call me now at 832-603-9111, so we can get it SOLD! I work with teams of REALTORS all over the nation!  We are able to help you! CALL!

Look at a couple time line charts from the different lenders.  These are good examples, but the time isn't set in stone. Sometimes they don't budge

* Depends on the market, house and appeal of the home.

OPTION 7 - Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure 


This is an agreement you negotiate with your lender where you voluntarily deed the house back to the lender, then you walk away.  If the lender doesn't agree then you have to try another option.  You will get

NO MONEY out of the house and must move out immediately.  It will show up on your credit report for MANY years and you might be 1099'd for any of the forgiven debt.  The laws changed recently after President Obama came into power.  Check with your CPA or a real estate attorney.




OPTION 8 - Short Sale

If you have NO equity, upside down on your mortgage or have little equity and can't afford to come to the table with money in order to sell.  Another option is to do a SHORT SALE (also known as LOSS MITIGATION).  A REALTOR®  like Heidi Johnson, Realtor  can list your home and the bank will pay for all feesYou cannot make a profit on a SHORT SALE.  It can take a month to several months to sell the property, then lender might let you STAY in the house while it's for sale.  When it does sell , the lender will pay for the fees and you can pack up and move out.  I can also find you a rental home so the transition is easier.  You will have a "ding" on your credit, but it's not as bad a foreclosure and normally it takes 2-3 years to clear off your credit report.  You can call a mortgage company of your choice to find out how long it will take to get a loan from their company. IMPORTANT!!!  Make sure you get the paper from the mortgage company that you don't owe the difference!





Call 832-603-9111 and ask for Heidi.  




You need to be in hardship.  What makes you have a hardship? 

Just because the home value goes down doesn't mean you have a hardship.

Make sure you can answer truthfully, I am in HARDSHIP, not just becaues

I like to shop and now can't pay the bill.






Make an infomed choice!  I hope this helps you! Please consult a CPA and an attorney!

If you have any questions, feel free to call me anytime. We will try and find the solution together.

Remember Short Sale is SHORTING OF MONEY not on time. 

This is a tough process, lots of paperwork is needed  and in a super timely manner, sometimes

it's same day and many, many phone calls.   You will need to work closely with me and your mortgage lender. 

My asking of paperwork is coming from the bank side. 


You must be devoted and get all PAPERWORK in on time when asked or you won't get approved.

Please be patient as it can take a lot of TIME. 



Call me today at 832-603-9111 to get started!


I'm ready to work for you!

Heidi Johnson, Realtor®, e-Pro® Certified

email me


* Unless you go forward with a regular listing agreement with me. Then if I sell your home and it closes,

a commission will be paid by the Seller. Note: If you are selling it as a

"Short Sale" then lender will pay the commission.











  • Here is a website about foreclosure laws in the State of Texas - click here
  • Here is our state website - click here
  • United State foreclosure laws - click here
  • What is IRS debt cancellation? - click here




NOTE: The information provided in this website/Heidi Johnson is strictly for entertainment and informational purposes only. This is NOT in anyway shape of form legal advice. You should contact your CPA and/or book keeper for any financial advice.  If you have a financial planner, they would be the one to talk to also.   You should also contact an attorney if you have any legal concerns. I am NOT an attorney or pretend to be.  Please seek legal advice regarding your situation. This is for entertainment only. This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed or warranted.  I cannot guarantee selling the property. All paperwork asked for is important and must be given in the time asked for. Time is of the essence otherwise the contract can become null and void by the parties concerned.

This website information is for educational purposes and general purpose for HEIDI JOHNSON'S clients only.

Heidi Johnson and

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