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This is not just FREE STUFF - BUT FREE LEARNING!  Keep your mind working!


Not in any order - as I find the deals & interesting tidbit -  I post it. 




Help to Consumers. All kinds of booklets, help guides printed by our government!  Consumer Information Center

Pueblo, CO  91009

Click here for web.


Access to ALL libraries in Houston - click here

all you need is your library card and password.


Free Recipes and more! click here


This one is my favorite - click here for super recipes.


This is a great site - EAT RIGHT.

Free Newsletter for the budget minded mom.  Recipes, crafts and family fun!


Pregnant? Already have a family? This site has parenting tips, Pregnancy calculator and tips. Click here



Extension Office provide all kinds of FREE services. Such as FREE "will" writing


Houston local ones are:

Prairie View A&M

Texas A&M University




For Harris County - click here

Houston click here

From the Dr. OZ show - Click here to go to his site!  Click here

** 99 Diet Food Shopping List - click here



FREE TROUT! To Stock Your Own Lake

If you have a large pond, lake in your area, contact the Federal Hatcheries first.  They offer FREE assistance in your restocking plans.The also have a nice booklet called - Endangered & Threatened Wildlife and Plants.  Write to:  U.S. Department of the Interior.  Fish & Wildlife Service - Washington, DC 20240.


Taking care of your feet - diabetic feet, children's feet, ingrown toenail, sore feet.

They have a booklet you can request called
"The Adult Foot"  Click here for site.  1-800-235-4855. 



List of fighting foods!  click here




Foods that fight cancer - KEEPING Healthy  - Prevention is key - click here

Having trouble sleeping - find help here.


Did you know some people are allergic to silver and/or gold?  Simply whispers makes earrings surgical steel.  1-800-451-5700


Tasty Toothpicks - and they taste good also!  When I use toothpicks, I like the cinnamon ones.  They are difficult to find in the grocery stores.  Here is a easy way to make them.  I go to my local ethnic (indian) store and buy cinnamon oil for less than $3.00.(HEB has it and any health food store, but it costs more) and I take half a box of toothpicks (the ones with the fancy ends) and take a little dish that holds them and pour the oil to cover.  Let them soak for a couple of hours, then I rinse them with water and dry in a shot glass.  I haven't tried any other flavors, but lemon and orange might be a good change also.  I have bought TEA TREE  toothpicks at Betsy Health Store.  They are to help with icky breath etc.  Spice up your toothpicks!



Find a library nationwide - click here.

The Bibliography Search Tool allows you to search for individual citations from journal articles that have been published using data from 18 research programs conducted by NCES. Click here for more.



I LOVE books!  I love going to the HALF PRICE BOOKstore chain.  Sign up and they will send you 20% coupons periodically.


Book Bargains -



Learn about precious stones


- The American Gem Society is reputable and has listings of good jewelers etc.  click here for more.



From ROUGH to FINISHED of fine jewelry this is wear you need to start! They buy closeouts, makes great gifts. Collectors love this store!  click here. Located in Greenville KY - 1-800-844-3100








Little Ceasars Pizza now has many locations in the Houston area.  Spring just opened! Click here for coupons -







FREE online tours of the best art in the world! National Gallery of Art -click here.

This place saves Historic building in the USA - click here




Send or fax your request at least 6 weeks in advance.




The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20502


Requests may be submitted through the office of one of the U.S. Senators or U.S. Representatives from your state. Requests can also be mailed, at least six weeks in advance of the event to: White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500. For faster service, requests can also be faxed to 202-456-2461.


This is GREAT if you have a big birthday coming up, new baby, surprise a friend.



You can also request: FREE! THE WHITE HOUSE, THE HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE FULL COLOR BOOK Must fax or write to the above address.


You can ask for a FREE photo of the current president also.




The Life Extension Foundation is committed to helping who are well, try to live longer and healthier lives.  1-800-544-4440

Click here for their website.



Interesting: GIVE IT A TRY!  Sometimes after a heavy meal if your try chewing gum 30 minutes after meals, it will help boost saliva production which can neutralize stomach acid and help wash away acid from the esophagus.



I like this a little paragraph from a doctor who sprouts his own seeds - see it here.


Is my meat or chicken still good?  1-800-535-4555 - they have recorded messages for the most common questions.


Great WINNER recipes for beef.  Super!! click here, they also have quick recipes. Click here for QUICK meals.

EMERGENCY Stain Removal - click here



Stain out - click here for more  - by DOW stain experts.  1-800-260-1066 - click here.







Hot Lines - Ask Questions



To help answer various health questions, you may have there are a number of toll-free hotlines.


National Center for Nutrition & Diuretics  - 1-800-366-1655


Food Allergy Network


Calcium Information Center:



Cancer Hotline - They will put you into touch with someone who has the same type of cancer as you.  Highly informative and comforting.



Emergency Contact Form (Word .doc)

Personal Family & Financial Diary (Word .doc)



Click your state to find out rebates and discounts in your retail stores. 


Over 50

Sit and be fit!  Click here.  Using chairs with fitness! This show is usually on your PBS area.

TIPS & Secrets


Life Advice from Older people - click here


Houston HELP and Great Programs, Or activities - Like most community center have Wi-Fi now. Click here for links from the City of Houston and here for a LONG list of interesting information.



Over 70 topics from doing taxes to having fun.  Click here. 1-800-638-5433 - Sponsored by MET Life Insurance.





Free Grandparenting Tips! click here

Free Copy of TOP 10 Home Inspection and BUYING tips. - Non profit organization. 1-800-489-7776.  Click here for more.


RSVP - Retired Senior Volunteer Program

1-800-424-8867.  Click here for more.

This program is for 55 and older to put their skills and life experience to work for others.


If you are retired and want to share your business experience try volunteering for SCORE - 1-800-634-0245


Best Coupon site!  Especially for Michael's, Joann Fabrics, etc.  click here


The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institure has a toll free number and recorded tips.





The one I like is the "Heart Risk Calculator" - click here to use. 


Free Asthma card - click here


Poison Ivy remedy - with Dandelion leaves

by Dr. OZ - click here



Dr. William Li talks about Angiogenesis - WOW, this is a must see! click here

"Can we starve illness in the body?" Here is the foundation he is at: