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Do It Yourself Facial Masks -

Who has time to go to a SPA or PAY for one now days?

See Below for a nice recipe. 






5 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda! Provided by RD





How to make your own facial scrub with

three ingredients from your kitchen.


Just Olive Oil, Sugar and Honey


Keeps about a month - NON refrigerated.

3 Tblsp - Olive Oil - Extra Virgin

2 Tblsp Organic Honey

1/2 Cup of Organic Sugar



Mix in a super clean or NEW tiny container with a lid until all three are mixed about 30 second or so. Keep covered, do not put in refrierator.  Use a clean spoon everytime to take out 1 tsp. to scrub face with.


Use on a clean face - once every three days at night. GENTLY scrub 20-30 seconds and wash off with luke warm water. Pat dry.


NOTE: Make sure you have NO make up on before scrubbing.  Don't scrub hard. Don't  get near your eyes as that part of your face is very sensitive.    You can use just plain OLIVE OIL to take off make up before scrubbing.










Make sure with all things use in moderation and before using above ingredients, video etc. that you please check with your doctor FIRST  before using any of these recipes on your body. Who knows what you are allergic or sensitive to. 

We are not liable for your actions because you didn't check FIRST!!! This is just what I use or like to watch.