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Heidi Johnson, Realtor, ePro Certified & Notary is Proudly Serving the Houston, Texas Area & the Surrounding Suburbs. Personalized Customer Service for YOU! Call/Text 832-603-9111 or email: Call me now.

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* Source of information from the HUD website.


The Good Neighborhood Program


You can get a house for up to 50% OFF LIST Price!


Click here for more information


If you need a GOOD Neighborhood Mortgage click here


Information from HUD


Buying a home through HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door initiative is designed to encourage renewal of revitalization areas by providing an opportunity for law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers to purchase homes in these communities. HUD provides a substantial incentive in the form of a 50% discount off the list price of eligible properties.



I want to purchase DOLLAR HOMES in TEXAS.  How do I find them?  click here.  Once you find one a REGISTERED HUD AGENT (THAT'S ME- HEIDI JOHNSON) needs to submit your bid.  You need to have a letter of FUNDS from your bank or mortgage when placing a bid. 

Call me to get started! 832-603-9111


More information from HUD.

HUD's Dollar Homes initiative helps local governments to address specific community needs by offering low to moderate income families the opportunity to purchase qualified HUD-owned homes for $1 each.

Dollar Homes are single-family homes that are acquired by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) as a result of foreclosure


You can call HUD if you want to know if you are eligible -


Contact your local HUD office. If you need contact information,
all 1-800-CALL-FHA (800-225-5342)
or send an email to


Do I need an agent to make an offer?

You cannot put in an offer on a HUD Home by yourself. You must use a Selling Broker who is licensed to sell HUD Homes to represent you, or you can go through the Listing Broker for the home.





Who can buy a HUD property ?

HUD has indentified five buyer types that are eligible to purchase HUD-owned homes. Certain conditions must be met to determine the eligibility of a buyer to bid on a particular home. Only registered bidders can make offers on properties. Homebuyers must use a registered selling broker or selling agent to make an offer on their behalf.

Owner Occupant: Eligible owner occupants are individuals with a valid SSN who have not purchased a HUD property with the past two (2) years. They can bid on homes in the Exclusive or Extended periods. Owner occupants rank above nonprofits and government agencies in the bid-selection process for Exclusive and Extended listings.

Investor: Eligible investors are individuals with a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN). They can only bid on homes in the Extended phase and are ranked below other types of bidders in the bid-selection process.

Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND):Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND): Eligible GNND buyers can find details on the program on the following Web page - GNND buyers can bid on single-unit homes in a Revitalization Area during the Lottery phase. During the Lottery phase, GNND buyers (1) get a 50% discount off the HUD appraised value, and (2) are given preference over Government Agencies and Nonprofits in the selection of a bid-winner. After the Lottery phase, GNND buyers are not eligible for the 50% discount.

For example, if HUD lists a home at $100,000 and the home is in the Lottery phase, a GNND buyer can buy it for $50,000 provided they occupy the home as their personal residence for the required 36-month occupancy period. If they qualify for any FHA-insured mortgage program, their down payment is only $100 and they may finance closing costs.

Nonprofit: Eligible nonprofit organizations, can bid on homes in Lottery, Exclusive, and Extended phases provided they are in approved purchase areas. If the property is in the Lottery phase, the home must be uninsured. Nonprofits rank below Government Agencies in the bid-selection process for the Lottery phase, but above them for Exclusive and Extended listings. Nonprofits cannot bid for Dollar homes.

See for more information.

Government Agency: Approved government agencies can bid on homes in Lottery, Exclusive, and Extended phases provided they are in approved purchase areas. If the property is in the Lottery phase, the home must be uninsured. Government agencies can bid for Dollar homes.
See for more information.






 Foreclosures - click here 


I want a LIST of HUD HOMES  - click here to email me.  Please state HOW MUCH you want to invest.




 If you are a homeowner or an investor.  email 

Heidi at: 


Can I buy a home for investment purposes?

Yes. However, during the initial listing, owner-occupants get priority. If an owner-occupant does not bid on the home, then investors can bid on the home. 


Found a property want to make a bid now!  Email me your copy of you letter of FUNDING to or fax me a copy

at: 832-442-4242.  I need the property case number and address to verify it's the right home.  I will call you and submit the bid!





When an agent places a bid for you what happens to it?

If you place a bid today, it will not be reviewed by the Asset Manager until the Bid Open Date, which is the day after the Bid Submission Deadline. However, your bid may remain unreviewed or the Bid Period may end immediately for one of the following reasons:

(1) The Asset Manager accepts a bid from an earlier bidding period. This immediately ends the Bid Period. A message is posted saying the property is “Pending Offer” or “Under contract” and “bids are not being accepted at this time.” On the next update, the home is removed from the “Listed for Sale” portion of the web site.

(2) If there are no unopened bids on the home, the Asset Manager can take the home off the market, and may or may not relist it. If this happens,
the Bid Period ends early, and a message is posted saying the home is currently not for sale and bids are not being accepted at this time.



It's just after midnight Central Time. Why can't I put in a bid? 

This is for agents. I put this here so you know what your agent is looking at.


(As an agent)

You are prevented from submitting bids while the software opens and ranks the previous day's bids during the nightly process.


This lockout period begins at 12:00 AM CT and ends anywhere from 15 to 60+ minutes later, depending on the number of bids that need processing.







HELP! ME!  I need to stop my foreclosure, I need a loan modification.  I need. Click here for some help!




click here to find out about Home Vouchers. They are also known as  SECTION 8 vouchers.  Click here to get started with enrollment.





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One of the videos/Webinars are: (The videos are a little dry)


How to avoid foreclosures - scroll down to pick the different videos - the video show up in the

top part of the screen.   click here