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This is provided by Heidi Johnson, Realtor, ePro Certified


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 Where does the GREASE go from my kitchen?  Is it harmful to the environment?  Click here to find out!

EPA enforcement center - click here



 "I WANT" In my city - click to find out how. It's SO easy.




AIR, LAND and WATER - click here







 Check out this satellite picture of Texas environmental images!  Click here


What is my AIR QUALITY in my area?  Click here



TX COMMISSION - Mission Statement:
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality strives to protect our state's public health and natural resources consistent

with sustainable economic development. Our goal is clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste.



TEXAS DROUGHT MAP - click here





What is Energy Star? How can it help me save money? click here



What you can do at work to help! Simple little things - click here



How do I get my FREE money for my energy star appliances?  click here

Fuel Economy click here



Go Make Something is another good website! click here



This is one I love from this site. Make a MAILER out of a plastic bottle! It works! The post office takes it! WOW! click here


Craft ideas - resuse items

click here


This is what I like for an eco friendly gift or to make for yourself - It's  a summer shoulder bag from a pillowcase click here .  You can give life to an old pillowcase or buy a new!




A bamboo cleaning ring - It's strong and eco friendly.



 Check out your bill - find if you are getting the best rate for electricity here in Houston click here
































































































































































































































Apartment Therapy

How To's, Green Living, Finding Unique Items, etc.


Got something to recycle?  Check here on HOW to RECYCLE it.




Earth911 - click here


Click here for more information



Not Everything in Texas is BIG!
Tiny homes made with recyled

 materials with the best quality workman ship.


This builder delivers! In Luling, TX
about 2 hours from Houston, TX.

Before you SELL get it GREEN certified! - click here for more information.

Cut Your Energy Bills - PDF format click here 
Green Building Materials - click here
Companies that reuse materials in TX - click here
More companies for materials - click here

Why Not Have Earth Day - Everyday?!
This company will personalize a tree gift for you.  Which includes a planting certificate with your name on it or that special someone, a card explaining the gift and your personal message. Photos of where the tree was planted and where the tree is planted also available.  Click here to visit their website.
Local company NATURAL Pest Control! Kills Fleas, cockroaches, mites, bedbugs, lice and more click here!  Made with cedar oil!!! 281-367-5075 or toll free 800-842-1464  Hours are from 8 to 6 M-F


Flame Bowls, Outdoor Pits - click here


Here is the phone number to talk to

someone about it.





From The Cityof Houston

Read "Green" list

altAre you looking for ways to live more sustainably, reduce the carbon footprint of your home, or remodel your house with sustainable materials that will save you energy, time and money?  The following resources are either available online or at your neighborhood Houston Public Library.


Complete Guide to the Green Home (2008).  Philip Schmidt

Eco: An Essential Sourcebook for Environmentally Friendly Design and Decoration (2003).  Beth Wihide  

Got Sun? (2005).  Rex A. Ewing

Green from the Gound Up (2008).  David Johnston & Scott Gibson

Green Remodeling (2008).  John D. Wagner

Little House on a Small Planet
(2006).  Shay Salomon

Low Carbon Diet (2006).  David Gershon

Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green-House
(2006).  Carol Venoliaa

Power with Nature: Alternative Energy Solutions for Homeowners
(2005).  Rex A. Ewing

Sustainable Residential Development
(2007).  Avi Friedman

The Carbon-Free Home (2008).  Stephen Hren

The Good House Book (2004). Clark Snell

The Green Self-Build Book (2007). Jon Broome

The Home Energy Diet (2005). Paul Scheckel

The Not So Big House (1998). The Not So Big Life (2005).  Sarah Susanka

Visualizing Density (2007). Alex MacLean

Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business (2004).  Paul Gipe

Your Green Home (2006).  Alex T. Wilson


Building Green (2005).  Clarke Snell

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We make Things
(2002).  William McDonough & Michael Braungart

Green Building A to Z
  (2007).  Jerry Yudelson

Green Building Fundamentals
(2009).  Michael Montoya

Green Building Products
(2008).  Alex Wilson & Mark Piepkorn

How Buildings Learn
(1995).  Stewart Brand

Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World (and Finding New Ways to Get Through the Summer) (2010). Stan Cox

Over (2008). Alex MacLean

The World Without Us (2007). Alan Weisman

Green Living: Changing the Status Quo

Blessed Unrest, Ecology of Commerce (1993).  Paul Hawken

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
(2005).  John Perkins

Consumed:  How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole (2008).  Benjamin Barber

Don’t Think of an Elephant! (2004).  The Political Mind (2008).  George Lakoff

Ecological Intelligence (2009).  Daniel Goleman

Garbage Land On the Secret Trail of Trash
(2005).  Elizabeth Royte

Guns, Germs, & Steel
(1997).   Collapse (2005).  Jared Diamond

Home from Nowhere
(1998).  World Made by Hand (2008).  The Long Emergency (2006).  James Howard Kuntsler

Hot, Flat, & Crowded v 2.0 (2009).  Thomas L. Friedman

My Ishmael (1998).  Beyond Civilization (2000). Daniel Quinn

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution (1999). Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins

Our Choice (2009).  Al Gore

That Used to Be Us (2011). Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum

The Corporation (2005).  Joel Bakan

The Fourth Turning (1997). William Strauss and Neil Howe

The Impending World Energy Mess (2010). Hirsch, Bezdek, Wendling

The Lorax (1971).  Dr. Seuss

The Secret Life of Compost (1997).  Malcolm Beck

The Tipping Point (2002).  Blink (2007).  Outliers (2008).   Malcolm Gladwell

The Wal-Mart Effect (2006).  Charles Fishman

Toxics A to Z  (1991). Harte, Holdren, Schneider, Shirley

Worldchanging:  User’s Guide for the 21st Century (2008).  Alex Steffen, Editor


altGreen Books



Green Building Resource Center Book of the Month 

That Used to Be Us is a magnificent book that clearly explains our country’s problems and provides clear solutions.  The authors explain it well:

“As we were writing this book,” Friedman and Mandelbaum explain, “we found that when we shared the title with people, they would often nod ruefully and ask: ‘But does it have a happy ending?’ Our answer is that we can write a happy ending, but it is up to the country—to all of us—to determine whether it is fiction or nonfiction. We need to study harder, save more, spend less, invest wisely, and get back to the formula that made us successful as a country in every previous historical turn. What we need is not novel or foreign, but values, priorities, and practices embedded in our history and culture, applied time and again to propel us forward as a country. That is all part of our past. That used to be us and can be again—if we will it.”



The GBRC hosts the Houston Green Book Discussion Group which has a  facebook page of that same name where you can see the schedule.  Feel free to attend on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00 to 7:30.




ReStore (Craft Items, Books, Post Consumer & Industrial Scrap)

The ReStore, which acts as a book swap, a recycling information library, as well as a repository for craft items and post consumer and post industrial scrap (useful for art projects), is now located at the ESC- South. Items can be dropped off at Westpark and the ESCs during normal service times. Items can be taken away from 9am – 12 noon every Friday during the Reuse Chemical Take-Away.

This service only available at the ESC South location.


ESC - South

11500 S. Post Oak Rd.
Houston, TX 77035

Key Map # 571C

Facility Hours:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Second Saturday of each month
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m



Reuse Chemical Take-Away - ESC South Only

Every Friday from 9 am – 12 pm, household chemicals and paint that were brought to the ESC for disposal, but appear to be in good condition are made available for citizen reuse. Citizens may take away these items at no charge. A signed liability waiver will be required before removing materials from the site. There is a limit of six (6) chemical items and a cart load of paint per week.

This service is only available at the ESC South location.



 A very simple craft to recyle paper.



These upcycled phone book coasters were crafted by designer Gina Michele from the blog Rock Mosaic.


Michele: “The coasters were created by rolling folded sections of the phone book pages together. I painted the tops black and coated the whole thing with Mod Podge to make it water resistant.”

Choosing Great Mosquito Repellent Plants


Originally posted on Cedarcide Blog -  Chris on Saturday, February 9, 2013


Did you know that you can actually grow plants that will repel mosquitoes? If you live in a warm, wet climate, you know that you need as many tools as possible to keep biting, disease carrying insects away from you and your family. Plants can be a great option because they are all natural, repel mosquitoes, and will make your yard prettier. If you would like to start choosing mosquito repellent plants, then read on. Below you will find a list of the top mosquito repellent plants that are also easy to grow.


You probably already know that citronella candles can keep the bugs away, but did you know that they are actually mosquito repellent plants? This grass-like plant will grow to six feet tall and makes a great barrier to plant around the yard. Citronella does not stand up well in cold weather, so it should be grown in climates that do not frost or freeze.


These mosquito repellent plants are also beautiful. The small orange, yellow, and red flowers grow low to the ground among lush greenery. The plants will actually repel insects above and below the ground, including mosquitoes.


If you have a cat, then you are most likely familiar with this plant that makes cats go crazy. What you may not know is that when you grow catnip plants outside, they become very powerful mosquito repellents. In fact, research shows that it is just as powerful as the dangerous chemical, DEET, for keeping mosquitoes away.

If you want to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, then you definitely need to plant a few mosquito repellent plants. You may be surprised at how well they will keep those aggravating, biting insects away from you and your family when you’re spending time outside. 

Source: Cedarcide Blog





I make Almond Milk and my own Soy Milk (Laura Beans ONLY).


Here is a great recipe to make Almond Milk without a Soymilk machine for almonds. You must have a VITA MIX blender to do it right. HSN has them where you can make payments. Costco has one.  I've tried the Ninja one.... it was Okay.  Vitamix Blender is SO worth it.




This one is to make YOGURT at home without a Yogurt Maker!  Need "Viili" culture first.

Stir, wait, refrigerate, Eat!







 Coconut Milk is important for good health also.  You can make coconut milk and water.




Disclaimer:  Make sure you don't have any allergies. I'm not a doctor or claim to be one.  I am providing you information you can CHECK with your DOCTOR first before making any of these recipes.  Entertainment value only.  Again, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST before making any of my recipes that our posted on my website. - Heidi Johnson



She makes a great creamy lemonade! I take it to work with me!


Creamy Lemonade

Lemon Creme Slushie

Red Grape Lemonade

Strawberry Lime Sipper




City of Houston


Click here for more information 


Recyled Glass Countertops

click here for more.




6111 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77005

Finding Products for the homes that are safe, and this website rates them!

Click here





What's going on Houston, Govt.

Click here for more.



For GREEN shows click here



Water Use Calculator

See how much YOU use!

Austin has had a "green" building for the past 20 years! click here to see. 


Plant Guide - Austin - click here


PDF of it here - click here for more.


Online interactive plant guide - click here

City of Houston has a REUSE program for builders, homeowners and other who want to donate USED items from their home to be used again for someone else.  Click here to help.



Eco Friendly Party Ideas - click more

Eco Friendly Kitchen Ideas from HDTV

click here



Art with Crayola Crayons - click here

Bottled Water to Your Home - click here


Glass Tinting for the Home - click here


Going Green Shopping - click here





FREE Ozone alerts by the County - click here


Free Gardening Site - click here



 Discovery GREEN park -click here



This store is great for fixing up your home/investment property or want to save money from retail!!! You need to go on a regular basis as new items come in and when it's gone it's GONE!! It's like OVERSTOCK items, builder overages, etc. Why pay more? It's silly when you get a good/new item at a DEEP DISCOUNT! Use that extra money for something else!



The Houston Habitat for Humanity ReStore  - It is a store filled with Building Materials, doors, wood, flooring, lights, paint, knobs, ceiling fans, appliances, Stuff to build a home, odd n ends - click here

Want to peek at what is on sale?  click here to find out!


Phone: (713) 643-1100

Location: [ mapquest ]
6161 South Loop East
Houston, TX  77087-1017


Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri:  9a-6p
Sat:  9a-5p


They now have a PAINT MATCH SYSTEM!





Click here for a great article about BEES in a house! Wow!

Bee Removal - Houston: 








The Bee Charmer
PO Box 1148
Wylie, TX 75098
Janet Rowe
(214) 695-3425


Bee REMOVAL Listings  -

This is a list of bee keepers who remove bees without killing them!


(281) 393-0030
(832) 252-9772
(713) 264-8288



- DON"T KILL THE BEES!  A bee removal service will safely remove them!  We need bees as millions have been killed from a fungus and predators from other countries.  We need them to pollinate our fruits, and produce.