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Heidi Johnson, Realtor, ePro Certified & Notary is Proudly Serving the Houston, Texas Area & the Surrounding Suburbs. Personalized Customer Service for YOU! Call/Text 832-603-9111 or email: Call me now.

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Customer Questions
Q: I heard about "free" money for FIRST TIME BUYERS, is it still available? 
A: Yes, there are MANY programs to help the first time buyer.  3% down, granted money, mortgages that reduce the costs of "fees",  etc.   Click here to talk with lenders who have MANY products, or give me a call and I can see "products" by the government or local entities -  Sellers can also pay most of your closing costs! Call me find out how!  832-603-9111 txt or chat.


Q: Heidi,  I hear that you help people with their houses.  My wife and I are facing hard challenges, we are several payments late on our mortgage, Can you help us?
A: If you are facing challenges like foreclosure or thinking about short sales. I may be able to help you. 
Click Here for options and then Click Here to go to my other site.
Here is what can help you!  click here  
I'm here to help.  I will give you a FREE market analysis, why you can't take ANY profit if you sell your home in a short sale, how you can buy a another home is as little as 2-3 years (in most cases), List your home and finding  your a rental in an apartment or home.  click here
Q: Iam thinking about investment properties.  Where can I find updated foreclosure list?
A: If you send me your email address. I can have a "new" list sent to you everyday at midnight. Through my GATEWAY program.  Just tell me what areas you are looking at, how much is your top end.
These are foreclosed properties that the bank owns.  When you narrow down your list, we can start looking inside the different properties.  It's a good idea to be prequalified first. Banks won't accept an offer unless you have a qualified letter or are paying cash. Click here.
NOTE:  If you're an investor  in order to "BID" you have to show funds verification (It HAS TO BE PRESENTED WITH THE OFFER. 
Here are some examples:
Like a less than 30 day bank statement showing MORE funds than the property. Or a official letter from your bank that says you have the funds. Other investors get copies from their CD, Money Markets etc.  We black out your loan number, and not important items and just show the funds. 

Q: I live out-of-state and my family and I are thinking about moving to Houston, TX. Can you send me a list of homes? 
A: Dear out-of-state.  All you need to do is send me your email and I will search for the perfect home. I will need your criteria:  bedrooms, baths, garage, 1 or 2 stories, amenities, gated community, retirement, one with pool etc. A price range (example:  from 200,000 to 295,000), when you are thinking about coming to view the homes, etc.
I will then send you everyday at midnight HOME FOR SALE, RENTALS, INVESTMENTS, FORECLOSURES, HUD home lists with pictures of all the home that fit your criteria. It's that simple.  Even if it's a RENTAL on a home! Click here

Q: We are thinking of buying New Construction. Do I need a Real Estate agent?
A: It's a good idea to have representation.  As a Buyer's representative, we are bound by contract to get you the best possible price/deal from the Builder.  We make sure you are taken care of.  Builders sometimes give agents incentives to be passed on to you- the buyer. We negotiate the contract with the Builder.  Just make sure when you are not with your agent that you say to the NEW HOME BUILDER customer service agent that you are working with one. Otherwise, we can't help you.    click here for more info

Q: What is the difference between a Realist and a REALTOR®?
A: Holding a real estate agent's or real estate broker's license does not make someone a REALTOR®. The main thing that distinguishes a REALTOR® from someone who's merely licensed by the state to sell real estate is the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, which requires REALTORS® to put their clients' interests first at all times.

Hiring a REALTOR® means you've retained someone who is committed to continuing education, professionalism, and integrity. The vast majority of REALTORS® participate in a local multiple listing service (MLS), which gives you a distinct advantage whether you're selling your home or looking for that special property.

Today, the Texas Real Estate Commission is the licensing authority for agents and brokers in Texas.



Source: TAR website


Q:What is title insurance?  Answer by First American Title - Cypresswood Branch

A:Click here for the answer.


Texas regulates the FEES of title policies:  Click here for the costs.


I have a couple of new videos (fun to watch) on what is title insurance and WHY it's so important. - click here


Q:I'm an investor paying cash; what if I don't want to pay for a title policy?

 A: You don't have to pay for one, but there could be "clouds" on the title, so a title company wouldn't close on

the deal.  You would have to go to a real estate attorney to close. 


Q:  Where do I find a change of address form and moving guide by the USPS? 

A:  From the United States Postal Service - click here