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 FREE RECIPES & Hard to Find GOODs

I didn't know!



Shop the supermarket sale cycle. Food staples like cereal and chicken hit their lowest prices once every 12 weeks. Make a note when you see sales and you’ll know when to load up on those items.



Change your font and cut printing costs. Our computer engineers printed 27% more pages per ink cartridge using 12-point Times New Roman instead of Arial. Calibri is another ink saver. By comparison, Tahoma, Franklin Gothic Medium, and Verdana are ink hogs.



How to make your own Fabric Sheets! REALLY! Takes FIVE minutes!


  1. Go Buy some Downy or your other favorite (SMELL) - of liquid fabric softener.
  2. Old PLASTIC bowl with cover (salad bowls) or a cheap plastic square container to hold the liquid in. ZIPLOC or Rubbermaid or similar type.
  3. Cut up some old towel into manageable sizes like the size of a large wash cloth or simply use several of your old wash clothes.
  4. Dip several of the wash clothes sized towels or face wash cloths into the fabric softener to get it completely soaked takes just a minute.
  5. Wring out the excess
  6. Let dry - so it doesn't stain the clothes - Once dry then
  7. Toss one in the dryer each time you have a load of laundry to dry.


Good news!

  1. The ONE dryer sheet should be used at least 10 times or more, before it needs to be dipped again etc.
  2. You can also go to the dollar store and get dryer balls or even better two or three tennis (CLEAN) balls, throw in dryer to keep towel fluffy and comforters and bed toppers drying evenly.


Click here for the PDF on MORE WAYS to make cheap fabric strips



Want a CHEAP toilet cleaner?

Pour 2-3 cups of vinegar into the toilet at night, swish it around with your toilet bowl scrubber (or used rubber gloves with a cloth).  Leave it over night then flush! VOILA! Clean Toilet! This will sanitize your bowl and remove those stubborn stains!



  • It works because of the type of acid vinegar is - it kills viruses, germs, bacter and most molds!  It gets rid of mineral deposits from your hard water! (over time)

Warning use gloves - vinegar burns if you have dry skin or tiny cuts on your hands!

Reuseable static sheets for the dryer.

Made of cloth and reuseable for 500 times! click here for a reseller in your area or online.





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Consumer World - click here

Coupons, discounts, price comparisions, bargains, newsletter on savings,

rips off and more.


NOTE: They have a cool price checker.


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GE Outlet - Order Online for

great deals on appliances




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Free Art Experience


Do you love Claude Monet?  Then click here -

Time lined with music!

If you pick "JOURNEY" it's interactive!



Conroe has free concerts - Click here for more. for all your local coupons! Nationwide.  Sign up for UP TO THE MINUTE COUPONS right to your email! Bottom left on their webpage.


Free Houston Classifieds - click here

This is called backpage - similar to Craigslist.

CHEAP GYM!  Fitness apps are all the rage !!!


GET FIT FREE! - Why spend BIG BUCKS on a fitness trainer?   Use one of these fitness apps for  your phone!* Go to your



  • Gym Buddy $2.99
  • iHeartRate $2.99
  • IMapMyRide $Free
  • IMapMyRun $Free
  • Fitness Builder $9.99
  • iTreadmill $0.99
  • Lose It! $Free

Also check in your APP store for your phone - Apps are being made everyday! Search - FITNESS!


*cost at time of adding to my website.


FREE STUFF in Houston from Craigslist.

Click here to see.

Note for safety.  Bring a buddy.  Meet in a public

parking lot, if possible. Never go alone!