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Heidi Johnson, Realtor, ePro Certified & Notary is Proudly Serving the Houston, Texas Area & the Surrounding Suburbs. Personalized Customer Service for YOU! Call/Text 832-603-9111 or email: Call me now.

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ASK for the $10.00 Oil change (plus disposal).

Auctions are held at the storage facilities reporting the vehicles as abandoned. A series of auctions begin daily at 8:00 a.m. at multiple locations. The locations and order of each series are announced at (713) 247-5812. Auctions are held rain or shine. Vehicles scheduled for auction - click here.



Need to pay a citation:  Click here for more information. Or a Parking Ticket.









Parking Meter Chart Downtown Houston - click here


On-street parking pay stations are enforced Monday – Saturday, 7a.m. - 6 p.m.

Enforcement times vary at off-street parking meters are enforced 24/7,

see the pay station or signs for the times at each lot.




Meter Instruction Card PDF - click here






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is in your county Comparison Chart - click here